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Feb 24, 2013 2:00pm EST
economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roles. this is not an exaggeration. they will lose jobs. >> as the white house warns the sequester blame game has started. live with us secretary of transportation ray lahood who sounded a pretty loud alarm bell on friday. mr. secretary, good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> you talked friday about a calamity in our air service system in america, a billion dollars in cuts that have to be made at the department of transportation, $600 million from the faa, 47,000 faa employees will need to be furloughed at least one day per pay period. is it still going to be safe for the american public to fly if this sequester goes forward. >> one thing we never compromise on is safety. we will never take a back seat to safety. safety will not be compromised. but we will have work with the airlines in slowing planes down. but there will be enough controllers to make sure planes are guided in and out of airports safely. >> this is about aggravation, not about safety. >> look, this is a huge cut. it's a b
Feb 18, 2013 1:00am PST
doing? i mean, you talk about the economy and jobs. there is, obviously, debate how many jobs have actually been created in the economy. look. you pointed out to apple ceo, tim cook was in the audience in the state of the union. he is sitting on over 171 million dollars in cash at apple. why? because uncertainty in the marketplace. tom friedman writing this morning something that caught my eye. he said you can feel the economy wants to launch but washington is sitting on the national mute button. we the people feel like the children of permanently divorcing parents. how does this sequestered business end? the president said during the campaign the sequester, the word for automatic spending cuts, he said it would not happen. is it going to happen? >> i always read tom friedman he has that good minnesota sensibility. >> you guys stick together. >> we do. the column today i think is continuation of that. frankly, i believe it's a continuation of exactly the plan the president laid out in detail in the state of the union on tuesday night. we have already made 2.5 trillion dollars in de
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am PST
affect the economy and markets. first the nation's governors are meeting this weekend here in washington. we have 2011 them meeting here this morning for a debate. the chairman of the republican governors association, louisiana's bobby jindal and democratic governor of massachusetts, deval patrick. how are the states taking on the big issues that washington is debating? from the budget to gun roll, health care and abortion. governor jindal, governor patrick, welcome back back to "meet the press." >> thank you. >> look, this is immediate impact, governor jindal, here is the front page of the newspaper from lake charles, louisiana, your home state just yesterday showing air traffic control on the funding block with this sequestration. you heard the secretary say this is real disruption because they have to cut a billion dollars. >> the president, you heard right, compared the president to lincoln. we need real leadership here. the president has to stand up to the plight. if he really thinks this will devastate the military, air traffic control, really devastate meat inspection,
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)